Spring in my neck of the woods-Writer’s Workshop

Happy Thursday y’all! Today I am participating in Mama Kat’s writers workshop! Each week Mama Kat provides several blogging prompts to help bloggers keep de ‘ol writer’s block away! I chose the prompt: “show us what spring looks like in your neck of the woods”.

As far as the weather is concerned, spring around here doesn’t look much different from winter. However, spring for me is blooming with some of the most awesome women I have ever had the opportunity to meet! (My Dance Fit Divas)


When I stand up on stage and look out in a gym full of… ”life givers, joy raisers, laundry folders, world changers” (thanks Lysa Jo Baker). I am humbled.

Our time in class together provides so many with so much. It is so much more than a room full of women jiggling around all sweaty. Although there is plenty of jiggling around and enough sweat that if sweat could be sold we would be rich, it truly is more than that. For me it is God allowing me to do what I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to do. I am so alive on that stage dancing and sharing the love of God with women of all different shapes, sizes and colors. Oh how I CHERISH my time on my God-given platform.

From what I observe, it is the relationships and the environment that makes our class so much more than dancing and sweating for the ladies in class. It is the praying for each other, giving each other a much-needed hug after a long day, and punching together in the song my ladies call Beep-Bop.

Yep, spring around here is simply breath taking!

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