31 Days to Clean-Days 27-28 Who are You Trying to Please?

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Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?  If you are hosting dinner at your house this year or have quite a few things to cook, you are probably well aware!  Along with the cooking usually comes getting your house ready for guests.  Holiday cleaning often means a mad dash around our house.  We stuff things wherever they will go to get the appearance of ALL clean! It’s crazy.  We clean only to mess everything up when we cook and entertain guests. 

As most of you know, we have been imperfectly progressing through the ebook, 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae.  After chugging along, we are finally on days 27 and 28 of the challenge.  The ebook, 31 Days to Clean, is about the why and vision for maintaining our homes.

Around the holidays my “why” is often different from what it is normally.  “Why” do you go through the extra cleaning around the holidays?  Is it for the people who live in your home?
While we are on this whole “why” thing, why DO we stress ourselves out so much during the holiday season?
The lesson for day 28 really hit home for me.  Day 28 is entitled “Who Are You Trying to Please?”. 
Good question, especially this time of year. 
Perhaps it is just me, but I feel a ton of pressure to go all out for the holidays.  I have friends who love to cook and Martha Stewart probaby consults with them for her recipies.  I am happy for them but I am NOT that chick.  It is not just the cooking and making of plans.  My father passed ten years ago and holidays have not been the same without him–even the little ones. 
Every year, I try to ra-ra myself into a cooking, perky, house all decorated by Thanksgiving person and it just doesn’t happen.  One of my girlfirends asked me “Don’t you want a great tradition for your girls?”  Well of course I do. The million dollar question is how to acheive the “ABC Family Special” holidays without stressing myself completely out?
I think I found the answer inside our little ol cleaning challenge:  Who am I trying to Please? 
I have decided to sit down with my family and decide TOGETHER what our priorities will be this year.  We cannot make every party and this mama cannot make cookies, fudge, pound cake, shop, work full time,  AND make hand made teacher gifts–just sayin’.
The “ABC Family Special” is totally unrealistic–for me anyway.
Are you trying to please others for the holidays or in any other area of your life?
The Cleaning challenge for Days 27-28  (you knew there wrould be one now didn’t you?):  Utility room-wash windows, dust ceilings, scrub sink.
Happy Thanksgiving Divas!  I thank each of you for reading, commenting and encouraging me the way you do!
Then I think to myself……………………….what a wonderful world.

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  1. I’ve been sitting here stressing all morning b/c I need to clean. And I need to clean even more than I had originally thought since now MIL is coming over.

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